Vision Boards, Boozeless Sips, and a Copy of Dog Fancy

Vision Boards, Boozeless Sips, and a Copy of Dog Fancy

Vision boarding doesn't have to be a whole "Thing".

When we think about vision boarding, we imagine artfully stacked piles of cute materials, costly supplies, an instagrammable set up...

This year, we are leaning into the power of DIY. Often when taking on projects, small hurdles will stop us from creating spontaneous work. Instead of attempting to create the perfect vision board, let's aim for imperfectly capturing a distinct moment in time.

For 2023's vision board, we're visiting the oft-forgotten magazine aisle of your local supermarket for some non-traditional inspo. I find the most joy in searching for imagery in places I wouldn't suspect, so for my vision board, I will most likely gravitate towards stray issues of Pickleball Monthly, Fermentation Magazine, and Dog Fancy. Cat Fancy is also often available for those on the other side of the aisle.

By looking at more abstract images from unexpected sources, I expand the potential of what I can envision on my titular board. This is the perfect brainstorming tool to branch out in terms of imagining what your future can hold. To make it even more challenging, add a "no words" rule and dictate the vibe solely in pictures!

Before you leave your preferred grocery store, don't forget to swing by the NA section to elevate any vision board endeavor with brainstorming fuel. I can picture it now. A can of Mellow Mule, a nice fire, a terrible show on Netflix faintly in the background. Whatever is most comfortable and conducive for YOU. Perfection not invited!

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