Capricorns and Redefining Success: Honey You've Got a Big Storm Comin'

Capricorns and Redefining Success: Honey You've Got a Big Storm Comin'

This Capricorn season, we are down to try something a little different.

Kings and Queens of thinking on their feet, pitching themselves, networking the night away and getting down to business, we wanted to give our caps a prompt they might struggle with.

We know Capricorns as the trophy winners, the go-getters, the people with immaculate work and social calendars who are shoe-ins for any decent employee-of-the-month contest. We know what drives you, what you strive for, and how hard you can be on yourself when your plans don't go exactly as imagined.

This month we are challenging you to redefine what success means to you: what you tell yourself about traditional forms of succeeding, how you treat yourself after a supposed "failure", and how to find joy in participating in things that you don't view as strengths.

We are getting our hands dirty and freeing our minds. We are abandoning negative self-talk, harsh judgements and oppressive goals. We are already in the know about uplifting others, but are we practicing the same kindness towards ourselves?

In terms of sober curiosity, we are giving ourselves grace, understanding, and the chance to confidently try new things and support ourselves no matter the outcome. Instead of fearing what the future may look like and if concrete goals can be achieved, we challenge you to take all things one day, one hour, even one second at a time.

No life-altering changes can be made overnight, nor should they be! Talk to yourself like you would talk to a best friend. You might even find a sober crew at the next kickback by bringing an extra can and starting a convo. You never know...

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