Pisces: You Can Make Your Fantasy World a Reality

Pisces: You Can Make Your Fantasy World a Reality

Happy Pisces season!

We know you Pisceans as the imaginative, emotional dreamers of the zodiac, so we are challenging you to stop pressing snooze on making your dreams a reality.

It's easy (+ fun!) to visit the comforting fantasyland inside your imagination. It can be a happy and safe place to return to when you need a minute of calm. In our fantasy, the world might look a lot different than it does IRL. That deficit can sometimes make us want to throw on the comfy socks and venture deep under our comforter, never to see the outside again.

Your vivid imagination is admirable and something that makes you, you! This month, what are some ways that you can manifest all the glorious trappings of your fantasy world for Real World You? What makes you feel warm and cozy in your inner world, and how can you replicate that with what you have available to outer you?

If there is something you have been avoiding IRL, do yourself the favor of facing it and officially checking it off your to-do list. When the real world seems taxing, menacing, and like there's a problem at every turn, we owe it to ourselves to clear potential emotional roadblocks once in a while. Sometimes, doing the hard stuff is necessary to get to the joy.

We believe in you, Pisces, and your endless battle to make our world as kind, comfortable and inclusive as your wildest daydreams. As long as you don't get too caught up in dreamland, and remember to cherish the real world connections you have, you will have a killer bday season. Swim along now!

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