The Berry Pleased: Your New After-Work Mocktail

The Berry Pleased: Your New After-Work Mocktail

Any plans tonight? We were thinking after work drinks minus the after work headache... No alcohol, no drama, all the effervescence to keep convos bubbly all night long Follow the recipe below for Berry Pleased, a tart treat perfect for pairing with logging off Slack for the evening. 

The Berry Pleased 


2 tsp runny honey (mix equal parts honey with warm water)
1 lime
4- 6 blackberries
4 oz Crisp & Crude Gold Fashioned

Optional: orange slice for garnish



Add runny honey and juice of half of a lime to shaker.
Add blackberries and muddle, then add ice and shake. 
Pour content into a glass half way filled with ice.
Top off with Crisp & Crude Gold Fashioned.
Garnish with orange peel.

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