Aries are Busy Making This House a Home

Aries are Busy Making This House a Home

It's only the first day of Aries season, but we're already feeling the heat.

Ruled by Mars and following in the path of the God of War, Aries rage with heroic willpower, courage, passion and drive. Always searching for their next challenge, Aries are natural born leaders who inspire action and change. 

This year, Aries may feel a pull to start a metaphorical (or physical!) bonfire, and burn away the things in their life that no longer serve them. This action is cleansing, but also a huge energy pull. You are capable of searching through what doesn't work and finding the "key"/"needle"/"pearl" that does. It all starts with your willpower. Take the ram by the horns and give it a go!

You are drawn to the idea of the hearth as the center of the home, just as you are drawn to the self-care act of maintaining an emotional hearth to fortify you through challenge and strife. If we continue to tend our hearths, we can create a never-ending well of self-love that is always available to us when we need it most.

At the end of March, your ruling planet Mars enters the calming waters of Cancer, highlighting all things family and home. This is a great time to reach out to family or chosen family, catch up on a Zoom call or IRL at your favorite coffee shop. They miss you and your spontaneousness, self-sufficiency, and tremendous zest for life.

Reach for an OG Tonic if you're parched after all that work- a piney juniper aura, bright tonic and calming gentian root are perfect partners for your creative and emotional endeavors.

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