The Official Crisp & Crude Party Dictionary

The Official Crisp & Crude Party Dictionary
Have you been needing to spice up your party lingo?
Before you go out, do you nervously text “what’s the vibe”?
Look no further than Crisp & Crude’s official party dictionary:


  • /tôkē/
  • A social event where instead of dancing and drinking, people chat with varying ferocity about pop culture, current events and juicy gossip. 
  • I wasn’t expecting a talkie, but it was perfect because I just wanted to relax in an armchair with some cans of Mellow Mule.


  • /därtē/
  • A large and free-flowing party that takes place during the day, usually outside. It can include lawn games, contests, swimming- and definitely sunburns
  • I was sooooo tired at the darty on Sunday but some Paloma Daydream revived me real quick.


  • /rājər/
  • An all out bash. Often at night and indoors, a rager signifies a party for the history books. Things may go off the rails.
  • I almost felt out of place at the rager last night, but I was offered some Gold Fashioned and learned some things are worthy of sipping, not chugging.


Try one of these out next time your friend has a handful of OG Tonics and wants to sus out the mood before driving across town

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