Boost Your Mood With This OG Apple Crisp Mocktail Recipe

Boost Your Mood With This OG Apple Crisp Mocktail Recipe

Even if you are basking in front of the Netflix log on loop this Autumn, we aren't leaving you out of the Fall Squad! Pretend the wind is blustering outside, put on the fuzzy socks and enjoy our seasonal mocktail, the OG Apple Crisp.


How These 5 Mocktail Ingredients Boost Your Mood 

Apples: Found in both the apple garnish and cider, this fruit is packed with quercetin, which boosts your dopamine levels. 

Gentian Root: Found in our OG Tonic, gentian is a cooling herb that helps decrease oxidative stress and fatigue.

Cinnamon: This spice hits your lips on the rim of the glass, and is a great source of manganese which can lessen stress.

Star Anise: Another fall staple on the spice rack, star anise has an aromatherapeutic effect that can calm the body and lower stress with each sip. 

Honey: The honey rim in the recipe provides a little burst of sweetness, which increases your serotonin and can promote better sleep at the end of the day. 


OG Apple Crisp  


  • Mixture of cinnamon sugar
  • Honey
  • Ice
  • 4 oz Crisp & Crude OG Tonic
  • 3 oz apple cider
  • Star anise
  • Optional: sliced red apple
  • Optional: cinnamon stick


  • Coat the rim of your glass with honey
  • Dip the coated rim into a mixture of cinnamon sugar
  • Add ice
  • Add Crisp & Crude OG Tonic
  • Add apple cider
  • Add star anise
  • (Feel free to add sliced red apple and star anise for additional mood-lifting benefits.)

Here's a step-by-step guide, complete with your evening soundtrack! 


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