Shadow Work: More Than Hand Puppets

Shadow Work: More Than Hand Puppets

Shadow work might sound like a beloved childhood activity, but it is actually an emerging conversation and practice in the self-care world.

Everyone has a shadow, and it dictates the way we act, respond and think. Though this practice can cover more serious matters, it doesn’t have to be associated with something traumatic. The closer connection you have with your shadow, the more peaceful you will feel. No more running conversations over and over in your head, or attempting to relive a long-passed argument- your shadow is your partner in self acceptance.

Many people use shadow work as a tool for personal development. It can help you bring out the best and most confident version of yourself.

A tried and true way you can spot your shadow by noticing yourself projecting. This means taking the temp of situations where you catch yourself sensing unwanted emotions and attributing them to someone else. One way you can clock this is by using the mirror technique. 

To practice the mirror technique, pay attention to how you think and feel when you interact with others. When negative feelings come up, ask yourself if you may be projecting. How can you utilize this uncomfortable feeling to positively redirect relationships or convos you feel yourself sinking?

Your shadow is you at your most vulnerable. The self we often keep buried for fear of being released and subsequently judged. A necessary step in this process is embracing your shadow and practicing extra self-compassion. Remember that it’s tough not to feel accepted- especially you are at the helm.

You can use self-assurance, kindness, and words of affirmation toward yourself and your shadow. Some to try are:

  • I believe in you
  • I’m glad that you’re in my life
  • You are worthy of love
  • You are enough
  • You deserve to be happy
  • You have a lot to offer
  • I trust in you

Go forth and dance with your shadow. It's a lovely partner that is always by your side, rain and shine. While you're at it, grab some Gold Fashioned to treat your shadow- you'll thank you.

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