Aquarius, It's Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer

Aquarius, It's Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer

Aquarius season has just begun, and we are challenging our Aquarius readers to stop running all over town to find your friend's uncle's girlfriend the perfect half birthday present and turn that loving attention towards YOURSELF.

Always in a whirlwind, always overflowing with care and passion, always internally a mystery, you are an enigma with an open heart and crazy busy calendar. You care deeply about the bigger picture, large scale growth, far-away dreams, but sometimes lose focus when things are happening in real time. Besides remembering to text that group message back about dinner tomorrow night, we want this month to be all about facing the annoying stuff head on.

So grab the trash bag, we are going through the metaphorical (or literal too!) junk drawer of life. Which emails should have been sent a week ago? Any books you always say you will read, then rebuff them for Tiktok in the evening? Challenge yourself to stay off the screen and crack one open. Lets get rid of the random papers, old wrappers, cobwebs and start fresh- you deserve it. It is not selfish to attend to your own needs while you are out trying to save the world.

The Future is daunting and unknowable. Completing smaller tasks TODAY that could become headaches tomorrow is sometimes all we can do and you deserve that sense of accomplishment. Whether you check off one thing on your to do list or 7, it will feel good to have the cringe-inducing small stuff in the rearview. 

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