Our Hemp Favorites

Our Hemp Favorites
Just because April’s over doesn’t mean we need to stop indulging in hemp!


Last month we learned all about the plant’s positive environmental impact, now kick back with a can of Gold Fashioned+Hemp and enjoy a list of my personal curated fav hemp products on the market. I wasn’t allowed to put only Crisp & Crude cans on the list, so scroll below to see some inventive ways hemp is being used outside of our booze-less cocktails!


Back Beat Co. Hemp Line

Back Beat Co. is a WOC-owned sustainable clothing brand based in California. They are known for high quality, simple, colorful knits, matching sets, beachy shorts and understated summer dresses. All of their clothes are made from low-impact fabrics, but they also have a line made completely from hemp! Back Beat states: “Hemp requires no pesticides, little water and doesn’t deplete the soil of needed nutrients, all while creating a fiber that is 4x stronger than cotton. It’s also anti-bacterial, insulating and gets softer with each wear.” I use a few core pieces from Back Beat to have a sustainable closet and cut down on over-production and waste.

Mary’s Transdermal Patch

Mary’s Medicinals are a lifesaver when I’m dealing with chronic migraines and particularly difficult pain days. I am a frequent user of their transdermal patches, which are small, unobtrusive stickers that transmit 20mg of hemp through the skin over the course of 12 hours. This is a simple but effective way to achieve a day-long stream of relief that doesn’t need to be repeated or replenished. I can throw it on, forget about it, and of course diligently wash my hands, and it doesn’t come off! I always have a few in my apartment just in case.

Emerald Hemp Seed Facial Oil

This Herbivore face oil is a gift from the gods. Mega hydrating hemp seed oil teams up with adaptogens like shiitake and ashwaganda to create a “fatty-acid-rich” and “skin soothing” every day step in your skincare routine. If your target skincare concerns are, like myself, dryness, dullness and redness, this is the perfect way to incorporate hemp into your pampering. The oil itself is a beautiful light green and practically begs to be featured in a dewy skin selfie. You can also buy a version of this product with CBD for an added treat. 


Zesty Paws Calming Orastix

This may be a wild card choice, but, if I have learned anything after adopting a dog that is as anxious as I am, hemp is an incredibly useful tool in dog training and providing a safe alternative to other methods of dealing with separation anxiety. My dog loves the Zesty Paws Calming sticks. These treats have hemp seed and melatonin, so they calm your puppy while also being good for their gum and teeth health! These bones are for any age and any size dog, and they are perfect for keeping my dog busy while I am out on an errand.

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