Four Anticipated Albums of 2022 And Their Crisp & Crude Counterparts

Four Anticipated Albums of 2022 And Their Crisp & Crude Counterparts


2022 is going to be a huge year for music. Unsure of which Crisp & Crude expression may win your Flavor of the Year award? We picked four album releases on the horizon that pair perfectly with the vibes you’re looking to curate.


Charli’s music is fearless, brash, not afraid of taking up too much space. Her last album How I’m Feeling Right Now debuted in 2020, and with it came a new era for the singer. While that album was more personal, experimental and challenging the idea of what people think pop music can be, I expect Crash to place Charli back on her rightful throne as Queen of the Party. Just like the vibes of her upbeat, chaotic but truly unique sound, our Paloma Daydream is perfect to pair with a glitzy pink diamond listening party with you and all your hyperpop girls. The Paloma Daydream is smoky, spicy, tart, fruity, uplifting and hydrating, which is super important when sweating it out on the dance floor. Space Queen botanicals allow for an airy and carefree mentality, exactly how the singer would want her work experienced. 

Kaina- It Was a Home

When I think Gold Fashioned, I think greenery, citrus zest, sunlight on orange trees and aged oak barrels. Slightly newer to the scene, Kaina’s music is inviting, warm, healing R&B that is breezy, thought-provoking and effortlessly cool. It Was a Home is a follow up to her debut album Next to Sun in 2019. Her single Anybody Can Be In Love from the new album envisions Kaina in a dreamy cartoon world full of dancing flowers and an unseen live studio audience watching her traipse through a storybook world. If your daydream fantasy is sun drenched, reach for our Gold Fashioned. This zero-proof number is bold, bright, and full of imagination. Notes of chinotto orange, oak barrels, smoky lapsang souchong tea leaves and dandelion will carry you down a sparkling waterfall and into a beautiful pasture.

Nilüfer Yanya- Painless

London-raised singer songwriter Yanya was raised listening to Turkish, Irish and Barbadian music thanks to her two visual artist parents, and quickly cultivated an interesting and subversive sound by releasing her own demos on Soundcloud in 2014. Her upcoming first full-length album since she released Miss Universe in 2019, Painless’ lead single entitled Stabilise is, according to her, “about your surroundings and how much they influence or change your perception of things.” Her alternative, critically acclaimed sound has been compared to King Krule, Souxsie and the Banshees and the Breeders. For a match up with the same punch, try our Mellow Mule. Inventive, bold, but perfect for vibing out, the tropical juicy pineapple, fresh cut Idaho mint, earthy botanicals, and a whopping ginger heat finish balance this cocktail for a cozy night in.

Wet Leg- Wet Leg

Wet Leg absolutely exploded on Tik Tok, but their style and sound makes it feel like they’ve been a timeless part of the indie music scene. Catchy, talk-y, earworm choruses mark their debut single Chaise Longue as one to watch. An English duo, Wet Leg has had all four of their songs go crazy viral, with people opting to use their calming, funky, classic sound to score videos of them vibing out in a cottage-core setting. Climbing through fantastical forests, taking road trips with best friends, having a picturesque picnic in the beauty of nature are activities perfect for cracking open a can of our OG Tonic, the cool spirit-free cousin of a G&T. Picture a juniper basket loaded with gentian root, angelica, cardamom, coriander, bubby tonic, and the zesty finish of Persian lime. It’s kind of like taking a meditative forest bath with each sip.

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