Call the Hangxiety Helpers!

Call the Hangxiety Helpers!

As your self-appointed holiday hype squad, Team Crisp & Crude is here to provide last minute gassing up before family pictures, endless compliments on your cookies at the neighborhood swap, and, most importantly tips for curing the dreaded "hangxiety".

"Hangxiety", as defined in ...The Unofficial Drinking Dictionary.. as:

"The anxiety that coincides with a post-party, morning after, terrible, awful, no good, very bad hangover." 

Do not ask me to cite my sources.

Everyone who has drank one too many, or, in my case, attended the college that would be named Number One Party School my freshman year (not to brag), has probably experienced hangxiety. 

I experience it as aches, pains, spiraling, anxiety about completing work and other tasks, holding commitments, how I will sleep, how I will feel tomorrow, if I will EVER exist migraine-free again.....

Is it all worth it???????

We'd like to think there are easier, more comfortable ways to enjoy a gathering without feeling the need to rely too heavily on alcoholic bevies.

The Hangxiety Helpers have assembled to gift you with some tips:

  • Tip #1: Try one non-alcoholic drink in between every alcoholic drink. (Bonus points if it’s a towering glass of ice cold water)
  • Tip #2: Set yourself up for success the next morning with a light schedule and relaxing rituals (like a warm bath, meditation, or long walk).  
  • Tip #3: Be aware of the scenarios or people that generally activate stressful feelings, and consider limiting alcohol (or going alcohol-free) in those circumstances to avoid hangxiety the next day.

Pro Tip: Bring your own mocktails (you could even say, a can of Gold Fashioned, OG Tonic, Mellow Mule or Paloma Daydream) or other NA beverages to a holiday gathering, and you’ll be more likely to drink less.


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