Cheers to a Dry (but never boring) January!

Cheers to a Dry (but never boring) January!

Whether you are going alcohol-free or cutting down your Drinks Per Week, we are with you this Dry January.

The Sober Train is non-judgmental, leaves no one behind, and is a ton of fun to boot! With a wealth of delicious and refreshing mocktails, you won't miss the annoying migraines, ever-present hanxgiety, or nights you'd like to forget. Sit back, relax, throw in some positive self-talk and pop open some Paloma Daydreams- we have some new mantras for y'all for your alcohol-free journey.

This January, I will be gentle with myself and my feelings.

This January, I will not expect immediate and monumental change. I do not need to become a brand new person overnight.

This January, I will go out of my way to make my alternatives and replacements for alcohol exciting. I won't settle for nasty soda or tap water. Mocktails can help you feel more comfy at a party, and it doesn't hurt when they include a dash of hemp.

This January, I will have my blinders on. Any thoughts or judgements that don't concern me will go in one ear and out the other. Like someone trying to explain the lore of the James Cameron Avatar Cinematic Universe to me.

This January, my NA journey moves at the pace that is most realistic and comfortable for me- I'm the one driving the train! Do you drive a train? I'm the one riding the ...sober scooter! Think of the booze-free lifestyle as your metaphorical helmet. With extra emotional protection, like insulating yourself from judgement of others, you can do anything. Except maybe riding a Bird alongside the highway. I refuse to participate in that culture.

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