What are Mood-lifting Botanicals?

What are Mood-lifting Botanicals?

Botanicals all have compounds responsible for a plant’s aroma. Simple as that. When we smell a plant’s fruit, leaves, or sap, this is the horsepower behind those fragrances. 


Mind-Body Connection & Botanicals

The mind has so much power over the body. Most of know how stress can debilitate the body, resulting in muscle tension, migraines, illness, etc… On the flip side, our mind can release stress, especially when we invite botanicals to the party. For example, linalool, found in lavender, can increase parasympathetic nerve activity, which washes calm over the body. Other botanicals can bring on creativity, energy, and euphoria.


Botanicals in Cocktails

While we see adaptogens appearing in a lot of functional beverages to promote stress relief, we know that things like ashwagandha work best when incorporated into a daily regimen consistently. On the other hand, botanical aromatics have a more immediate benefit, which makes them perfect for a non-alcoholic cocktail. When we seek out a zero-proof beverage alternative, we still want to enjoy the sensory experience of sipping on that drink, like a traditional cocktail, and botanical extracts help tap into that emotional part of the sipping experience.

1. Limonene, which you might recognize from the zest of a lemon, can provide a euphoric lift. Sip on a Mellow Mule to get that feel-good chill.

2. Pinene can tap into a cerebral space with its earthy fresh aroma. It's great if you need to either hit the reset button or get your creative juices flowing. You'll find pinene in our Juniper OG Tonic.

3. Ocimene, found in herbs like basil and parsley, has a woody yet floral aroma that can make you feel happy and easygoing. Check out Paloma Daydream to lift up your spirits. 


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