CBD Gummies VS CBD Cocktails: Which Works Best For You?

CBD Gummies VS CBD Cocktails: Which Works Best For You?

CBD has come a long way over the past few years. It started off as an intriguing trend, but now many people use CBD as part of their everyday wellness routine alongside vitamins and other supplements. Consumable CBD is massively popular, but which is better? A quick fix in the shape of a candy, or a delicious cocktail you can enjoy with friends? We explore the pros and cons of both.


What are CBD consumables?

CBD consumables are also called CBD edibles and the name says it all. They’re CBD products that you eat or drink. CBD comes from the hemp plant but, unlike THC, there’s no psychoactive effect. In other words, it doesn’t get you high.

Edibles are popular because CBD oils and tinctures can have a bitter taste which some people find off-putting. Masking this with interesting and delicious flavors is a big win for many CBD fans.


Why Take CBD Gummies?

Gummies are candies infused with CBD. They come in a range of shapes, flavors and strengths. Gorgeous gumdrops from Lord Jones come in various fruity flavors, while Restart Gummies boast only natural flavors and come in a cute test tube-style container.

CBD Gummies Facts:

· Type of CBD: This can range from Full or Broad Spectrum to CBD Isolate depending on the product

· How to take: Eat like normal candy – fast and discreet

· Biggest benefit: Easy to take on the go

· How long do you feel the effects for: This varies from person to person- digesting CBD is a slower process than taking a tincture under the tongue, but a much tastier one!


All About CBD Cocktails

CBD cocktails are CBD beverages that combine classic cocktail flavors like a mule or gin and tonic, but minus the vodka or gin. Instead, each cocktail is cleverly infused with hemp extract and botanicals.

Not only do botanicals, like lavender, have a powerful ability to help you relax all on their own, but they also can increase the beneficial effects compared to just hemp extract on its own. Plus, they naturally add aroma and flavor, making a well balanced and delicious cocktail.


CBD Cocktail Facts:

· Type of CBD: 20mg domestically sourced hemp extract are found in Crisp & Crude Hemp + Botanical cocktails

· How to take: Drink just like a normal cocktail and enjoy at your own pace

· Biggest benefit: A delicious and sociable way to get the benefits of CBD

· How long do you feel the effects for: Just like CBD gummies, digesting CBD instead of taking it as a tincture means your body processes it more slowly. Those beneficial effects may last for longer depending on the individual’s metabolism.

The main difference between CBD gummies and CBD cocktails is that cocktails are all about fun and sociability. Sit down with friends, watch the game, enjoy a movie or have a wild night catching up with your besties – whatever your fun time is, CBD cocktails are a great, alcohol free way to add some flavor to any fun night. Plus, there’s no boozy hangover the next morning!

CBD cocktails can also be enjoyed as a relaxing drink after work or at the end of the day, helping you to take time for some all-important self care. Proper relaxation can lead to a great night’s sleep, which in turn leads to a better tomorrow.

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