Send SAD Packing

Send SAD Packing

This time of year can be full of holiday cheer- but for some, Seasonal Affective Disorder lurks in the background like Krampus, ready to jump out and attack. Is that what Krampus does? I do not know his character motivation because I am scared of any movie above PG-13. 

We have compiled some tips to keep spirits high and avoid a 🎵blue blue blue🎵 Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Mariah Carey Season or any special occasion you celebrate. 

1. Prioritize social activities

Making time to see family and friends either in person or online can reduce feelings of loneliness and keep you occupied as outdoor activities dwindle. My friends and I live in different states and we set aside time each month to watch a movie over Zoom and share a fancy dinner despite being miles apart.

2. Stick to a schedule 

Getting up and going to sleep at the same times every day will ease insomnia, sleepiness, and general fatigue as the sun sets earlier and the days feel shorter.

3. Enjoy the sunshine

Even though its cold outside, it doesn't necessarily mean your area is lacking in sunshine! Take advantage of any sunny days and bundle up for a nice stroll outside, people watching on a park bench, or posting up at a coffee shop and shotgunning cappuccinos. 

4. Check out the tech

SAD is a common issue, so people have invented lots of cool tools and hacks to ease the symptoms. Many people swear by sitting in front of a light box, some people use a dawn simulator alarm clock that helps with circadian rhythms, and some utilize aromatherapy to create a calming atmosphere.

5. *drumroll please*......Consider avoiding alcohol!

Taking a break from alcohol, going cold-turkey for the season, cutting down or even just attempting to be a little more mindful of drinking habits can all positively effect the grip that SAD may have on your mental health. If you are looking for a refreshing treat that has all the flavor of your favorite craft cocktail and none of the booze, check out our store- we also carry a line with hemp for an added dose of serenity!

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