It's Sagittarius Season, YOU Write Your Own Destiny

It's Sagittarius Season, YOU Write Your Own Destiny

It is time for the Sagittariuses...Saguttariui (?) to enter the spotlight.

A sign known for opting to create their own rules rather than follow the course, saggs are the fashion icons, the free spirits, the dance-like-nobody's-watching all stars of the astral calendar.

You march to the beat of your own drum and find comfort in knowing that you are the one at the metaphorical wheel of the ship that is your life. Is that too many metaphors? Saggs love being deep, doling out advice and sharing stories from their past as if they were elaborate folklore. 

This year, the stars tell us that Sagittarius season will be about healing and personal responsibility. As someone who is often free enough to let their inner child shine, you know the benefits of being kind to current you, past you, and future you! You may be hard to pin down, but you are loyal and passionate to those who make you feel safe and at home.

Something else that is carefree, always down for a fun time, and packs a bright and effervescent punch? Our Mellow Mule! This mule may seem too chill to truly embody our sagg sisters, but there is more to it than meets the eye. With a powerfully pleasing ginger kick, the bright freshness of pineapple, and mint coming in with the cool factor, this mocktail is a breath of fresh air yet full of surprises- much like you when you enter the party!

Undecided re: the vibe and freaking out about it? Yeah, we get you saggs. Pick up a sample pack to please the whole bunch. Sometimes being the life of the party is hard work!

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