CBD Oil vs. CBD Cocktails: Which works best for you?

CBD Oil vs. CBD Cocktails: Which works best for you?

CBD comes in so many forms these days. How do you choose what to take? Which is best for you? We take a look at two popular ways to take CBD, and the benefits of each. CBD oil vs CBD cocktails: the facts.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil and CBD tinctures are oils which contain extract from the hemp plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is used by many people as part of their wellness routine. CBD oils are usually dropped directly into the mouth, just a few drops once or twice a day.

The first time I tried CBD oil I was surprised at the flavor. I expected it to be really unpleasant and bitter – actually, it wasn’t that bad. Try online curators of luxury brands, such as Miss Grass’s shop, where you can find top names like Mineral. They sell a range of high-end CBD infused products, including sublingual oils.

The effects vary from person to person, but it’s important to remember that CBD is nothing like THC. There’s no psychoactive effect, so it doesn’t get you high.

CBD Oil Facts:

· Type of CBD: Various forms of hemp extract depending on the supplier.

· How to take: Drops directly under the tongue. Some oil is absorbed straight into the bloodstream, getting to work faster than just digesting it. This is known as a high bioavailability.

· Benefits of CBD oil: Easy to use and comes in a variety of strengths.


What are CBD Cocktails?

CBD cocktails are CBD beverages designed for anyone who loves classic cocktail flavors, but without the alcohol. Say goodbye to fuzzy headed drunkenness and hello to big flavors plus the benefits of CBD. Paloma Daydream combines bright Rio Red grapefruit with charred oak barrel and uplifting botanicals for a burst of happiness, while Mellow Mule is has kick of ginger (great for digestion), juicy pineapple, and tropical earthiness that inspires relaxed chill vibes. Both are infused with hemp extract and botanicals from plants, fruits, and roots with a range of mood-lifting benefits.

CBD Cocktail Facts:

·  Type of CBD: Crisp & Crude Cocktails contain 20mg domestically sourced hemp extract

·  How to take: Take your time to enjoy these refreshing CBD cocktails just like any other beverage

·  Benefits of CBD cocktails: A relaxing and fun way to get the benefits of CBD

I just love a paloma or moscow mule after a long day, but I don’t love a sore head the next morning! Being able to enjoy my favorite drinks with no risk of a hangover is a big deal for me – especially when I’m working early in the morning.

CBD cocktails make CBD a more social experience. It’s no longer about popping a couple of drops under your tongue. It can be about getting friends together for good times, games, and gossip, whilst enjoying some delicious drinks.What flavor CBD cocktail will you choose? Come browse our shop today. 


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