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Paloma Daydream

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Paloma Daydream with Space Queen botanicals

Tasting Notes: Rio Red grapefruit, charred oak, and a dash of salt.

Space Queen botanicals, you ask?
Mood-lifting botanical extracts. Floral and fruity. Airy and carefree. So, close your eyes, think happy, and drift away.

This booze-free Paloma, which means dove in Spanish, soars over those big blue skies. From Rio Red grapefruits grown in the Texas valley, to the earthy and smoky charred oak reminiscent of a barrel aging reposado. This take on a Paloma is elevated with a dash of salt, an old bartender’s trick to brighten and balance a citrus-filled drink with the added benefit of keeping you well hydrated. Perfect for a sunny day.

Type: Botanical